Preventing Homelessness
In Douglas County, Kansas

The rent/utilities application is currently open. The next lottery drawing will be December 7th.

Important Information for Applicants
How to apply to the Rent and Utility Assistance Program lottery:
  1. Apply at any time.
    • Remember your unique ID.
      • Do not include personally identifiable information in your unique ID
      • Do not use profanity or offensive language in your unique ID
    • Remember when the next lottery date is. See the calendar below.
  2. Applications will be randomly selected to receive funding on the next lottery date.
    • Duplicate applications are removed, submitting more than one application for a drawing does not increase your odds of being selected.
  3. Applications are only entered into ONE lottery. Applicants need to reapply if they are not selected and still need assistance.
How to know if an application was selected:
  1. Applicants will be notified via email.
    • All applicants will receive an email stating whether their application was selected for funding.
    • Email will come from [email protected]
    • Email will be sent to the applicant email address they list in the application
  2. The lottery password for selected applications will also be posted on this page for Lawrence and this page for Baldwin City, Eudora, and Lecompton

More information about the lottery system:

About HSC

The Housing Stabilization Collaborative (HSC) exists to support community members in accessing and affording sustainable housing through our rental and utility assistance program, landlord engagement best practices, monthly rental availability list, and partnership with local social service agencies. As a collaborative, we work towards reducing and eliminating housing barriers for renters as well as working with local landlords to provide safe and affordable housing.

Mission Statement

To support housing stability for all people living in Douglas County by engaging tenants, utility companies, landlords, and social service agencies in building a culture of safe, affordable, and accessible housing.