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How does HSC Rent and Utility Assistance Work?

Once tenants apply for rent, move-in, or utility assistance the applications are referred to application processors at partnering agencies. This process is fairly simple, but does take time.

What can tenants applying do to ensure that their application goes through quickly?

Have all documents ready and submit them when applying. This is not required, but does decreases time spent gathering documentation after the fact. Tenants can still apply even if they do not have all of the documents needed. Someone will work with them to gather necessary documentation.

Make sure that the contact information provided in the application is correct.

Keep an eye out for phone calls, voicemails, texts, and emails from an application processor. Communication could come from any one of our many partnering agencies.

What can landlords do to ensure that applications go through quickly?

Supply tenants with lease copies, ledgers, or other documentation in a timely fashion so that tenants can include it in their application.

Ensure that they or their staff keep an eye out for phone calls, voicemails, or emails from an application processor.

Review the Landlord Agreement immediately upon receipt and reaching out to the contact listed on the agreement if there is question or issue with the agreement.

Application Process Flow

You do not need to understand this application process flow to apply for assistance. All you need to do to apply for assistance is fill out the application.

The graphics below are intended to be helpful for tenants, landlords, agencies, and other stakeholders to understand how the application works.

Application process is subject to change.

Documents/Online Forms

The only forms that tenants applying need to fill out is the online application, including signing the associated consent form. In some cases, additional forms are necessary; these will be provided by the assigned application processor if needed.

The forms listed below are completed by the Douglas County Housing and Human Services department, application processors, and landlords.

The only online form that landlords need to fill out is the Landlord Agreement which will be sent via email when a tenant applies and is approved for assistance.

The application process varies slightly depending on whether an application is for both rent & utilities, rent only, or utilities only. For the purposes of these process flowcharts “rent” and “move-in” assistance both fall under the “rent” process.

Rent & Utility Assistance Combined
Rent Assistance Only
Utility Assistance Only